Dott. Claudio Pusceddu

 Dr. Claudio Pusceddu

 Dr Claudio Pusceddu (photo) was born in 1958 in Villanovaforru (Cagliari), is married and has 2 children. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Cagliari; in the same university he obtained the specialization in Radiology and Diagnostic Images of Science (1994) and Medical Oncology (2001).

 Since 1991 works at the Department of Radio-Oncology at the cancer hospital "A. Businco" of Cagliari, where in recent years he has gained considerable experience with certain methods used extra vascular interventional radiology in the treatment of cancer, including thermo ablation with RF, the cryoblation, osteoplasty in bone metastases, and the combination of some of the procedures listed.

The Unit of "INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY" in the Service of Radiology Businco, led by dr. Pusceddu, is considered now the Regional Center of excellence for the treatment of lung cancer, mediastinal tumors and bone, for cryoablation therapies, especially for lung and mediastinum and for osteoplasty (vertebroplasty etc) in the cancer patient with bone metastases, particularly in the procedures to be performed in extreme situations (osteolisi metastases with the head of the femur, vertebra plana, disruption of the posterior body wall and tumor invasion of the vertebral canal, etc..).

 Dr. Pusceddu Claudio and his team (photo) also deal in benign issues such as herniated disc, facet syndrome and pain on degenerative joints, with good results. These benefits apply not more than 5-6% of the total held by Dr. Pusceddu which devotes most of his time to clinical problems concerning the cancer patient.





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